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Porsche Burlingame

Now Accepting Turismo Orders

Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo

According to Automotive News, Porsche will be bringing its newest addition of the Panamera family to the U.S., the Panamera Sport Turismo. Porsche Burlingame is now accepting orders for the first build allocations. Give us a call at 65-348-0111 to speak to one of our Porsche Brand Ambassadors about ordering and being added to the waitlist today.

"This wagonette is the first of its kind for Porsche, and its coming to the U.S. Everything about it is right. The proportions and lines are damn near perfect; I'd write poetry to them, but pentameter has never been my thing. Power ranges from 330hp to possibly the barn-burning 680 on the Turbo S E-Hybrid. No one will buy this over the Panamera sedan for space because it has about one Pomeranian worth of additional room. Instead, it's all about the gravitas this car brings to the table that rivals simply can't match."

"Hits & Misses Judging Geneva: Swiss bliss and big-time bummers." Automotive News, 13 Mar. 2017, p. 8.