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The Porsche Burlingame Team

Our Porsche Team

Let us introduce you to our staff, show you some of our special vehicle offers and take you through our complete line of new, Certified pre-owned and used inventory. We can help you find exactly what you are looking for.

We know your time is valuable. We are sure you will find our site a fast and convenient way to research and find a vehicle that's right for you. If we can be of any assistance while visiting us online, send us an email and we will promptly reply.We look forward to serving you!

Jim  Hannay

Jim Hannay | Dealer Principal

Phone: 650.348.0111

Craig   Mucci

Craig Mucci | General Manager

With Porsche Burlingame since 1997

Phone: 650.348.0111 Ext. 169 • Email:

Dan McNamee

Dan McNamee | Porsche Certified Service Manager

Dan has 38 years of experience in the automotive industry and has been with Porsche since 1988. He started his Porsche journey as a technician and worked his way up to managing fixed operations. His most fond memory was when he got to drive his favorite Porsche for three days, the 959. When he is not in the service drive, he likes to spend his time playing soccer and golf, as well as spending time with his granddaughter.


Charles Lazatin

Charles Lazatin | Sales Manager

With Porsche Burlingame since February 2016

Phone: 650.348.0111 Ext. 129 • Email:

Shannon McGinnis

Shannon McGinnis | Finance Manager

Shannon has been with Porsche Burlingame since June 2015

Phone: 650.348.0111 Ext. 151 • Email:

Lawrence   Alexander

Lawrence Alexander | Porsche Certified Parts Director

With Porsche Burlingame since 2005

Phone: 408.722.7881 • Email:

Dan   Belluomini

Dan Belluomini | Vice President-Sales

Dan has been a part of the Porsche Burlingame family for over 35 years. He is the VP of Sales, Fleet Manager, and our Brand Ambassador Manager. Some of Dan’s hobbies include basketball and golf.

Phone: 650.348.0111 • Email:

Sandi Johnson

Sandi Johnson | Dealer Customer Experience Manager


Phone: 650.348.0111 • Email:

James   Butler

James Butler | Porsche Brand Ambassador

James has been in the automotive industry since 1980 and with Porsche Burlingame since 1990. Outside of work he likes to play tennis and golf. James also enjoys listening to all types of music and traveling the world. His favorite Porsche is the 911 turbo.

Phone: 650.348.0111 • Email:

Randy  Hill

Randy Hill | Porsche Brand Ambassador

With Porsche Burlingame since 1982

Phone: 650.348.0111 • Email:

Richard  Griffith

Richard Griffith | Porsche Brand Ambassador

Fax:   650 344-7291

Phone: 650.348.0111 • Email:

Michael   Lustbader

Michael Lustbader | Porsche Brand Ambassador

Michael has been in the automotive industry for 20 years and with Porsche Burlingame for 6 years. When he is not in the office, he likes to spend time outdoors and oil paint. He has a passion for cars and enjoys working on muscle cars. His favorite Porsche is the 918.

Phone: 650.348.0111 • Email:

Kevin  Washburn

Kevin Washburn | Porsche Certified Technologist

Kevin has been in the automotive industry since 1996 and has been with Porsche Burlingame for 14 years. Outside of work he enjoys photography, traveling, and hotrods. His favorite Porsche is a 1958 356 A coupe.

Phone: 650.348.0111 • Email:

George  Demar

George Demar | Porsche Certified Service Advisor

George has been in the auto industry for 36 years and has been with Porsche Burlingame since 2006. His other passion includes music. George is a professional musician in a jazz band and plays the keyboard and trumpet.

Phone: 650.348.0111 • Email:

Joe  Bracero

Joe Bracero | Porsche Certified Service Advisor

Joe has been in the automotive industry since 1997 and has been wth Porsche Burlingame since 2005. His favorite Porsche is the 991 turbo S. Outside of work, Joe enjoys being outdoors and mountain biking. His favorite place to vacation is Puerto RIco.

Phone: 650.348.0111 • Email:

Peter   Smith

Peter Smith | Porsche Certified Gold Meister Tech

Peter has been in the automotive industry since 1980 and with Porsche Burlingame since 2006. He started working on cars at 17 years old and is now a Porsche Gold Meister Technician. In his spare time he enjoys playing hockey, racquetball, and racing Porsches. His favorite Porsche moment was the opening lap of Rennsport III.

Phone: 650.348.0111 • Email:

Jerlio  Balisi

Jerlio Balisi | Porsche Certified Silver Tech

Jeo has been with Porsche Burlingame for 12 years and is a certified at the Silver level. His all-time favorite Porsche is a 993 C4S and his favorite newer Porsche is the 911 Turbo S. When he is not at work, he enjoys time with his family and likes to stay in shape by working out at the gym.

Phone: 650.348.0111 • Email:

Jimmy  Pham

Jimmy Pham | Porsche Certified Parts Manager

Jimmy has been in the automotive industry for 18 years and with Porsche Burlingame for 11 years. His favorite Porsche is the 993 Turbo. Some of his hobbies and favorite activities include hockey and riding motorcycles.

Phone: 650.348.0111 • Email:

Mike Aalgaard

Mike Aalgaard | Porsche Certified Parts Consultant

Mike has been in the industry for 15 years and with Porsche Burlingame for 4 years. When he isn't working behind the parts counter he enjoys spending time with his wife and their dog at the lake. His favorite Posche is the 993 turbo S.

Phone: 650.348.0111 • Email:

Sachin Naidu

Sachin Naidu | Porsche Certified Parts Consultant

Phone: 650.348.0111 • Email: