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Porsche Burlingame

Sunken Treasure

Last month, our very own Gold Meister Technician, Peter Smith was featured in the Porsche Panorama magazine for restoring his 1994 964 Carrera 4 wide-body. With his 35 plus years of experience working on Porsches, Peter was able to turn what the insurance company saw as a totaled vehicle into a restored piece of art.

It all started back in 1998 when a customer had their soaking wet and majorly flooded 911 towed into the service drive at Porsche Burlingame. It was apparent that the vehicle would need some TLC if it was ever going to be drivable again. Seeing the potential for extensive and costly repairs, the previous owner was willing to sell the vehicle to Peter instead of having it sent to a junk yard.

Over the years, Peter was able to restore the 964 to its formal glory. Given the rarity of this specific model, “The budging black bodywork was just begging for a second chance. It’s both sinuous and sinister- far too good for the crusher, even dripping wet.” Since then, Peter has graciously brought the 964 to several of our dealership events for viewing. Long live the 964

The full article of Sunken Treasure written by Tom M'Guinness is available in Porsche Panorama, 714.


M'Guinness, Tom. "Sunken Treasure." Panorama, no. 714, Sept. 2016, pp. 80-87.

Photos by Michael Alan Ross